‘The Night Watch’ is an understated beauty of a book. The novel opens just after the end of the Second World War in London, and continues retrospectively, closing in 1941 with the beginning of the war. Within this space, we follow several narratives of personal survival in a moment of fear, uncertainty, and unexpected freedom. […]

From the witnessing of a baby’s first babble, to the delicate poetics of French and Italian, the maze of British, or the ancient unwritten language of African tribes that enables a man to recall generations’ worth of history from memory, language is the single element that defines humanity. J. P. Davidson’s lingusitic exploration, an intricate […]

America, 2014. A cure is released for cancer and the common cold, and yet in curing these diseases, a vicious, unstoppable virus develops and spreads like wildfire, turning the country’s population into, well, zombies – (we’re talking 28 Days Later zombies; infected, not monsters. Just, you know, fyi.) Just over 20 years later, the world […]

George Orwell needs no introduction. But I’ll give it a go anyway. One of the best journalists and critiques of our modern times, the terror created by novels such as ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ resonate today stronger than ever and are studied in many a classroom. His essays, however, may have passed a few by. […]

‘In The Miso Soup’, by Ryu Murakami ‘In The Miso Soup’ was brought to me, for better or worse, by a fellow bookseller, notorious for reading painfully graphic Japanese fiction. I’d dabbled in some Japanese crime and the like, so, naively, thought I’d be prepared for Ryu Murakami. I was very, very wrong. This little […]